Violin making

Good sound of the strings

Our Sound: Complex, Deeply Satisfying, Tonally Rich

Building a master violin is an accumulation of many small steps, each carried out with painstaking care.

guter klang der streichinstumente Prerequisite for enhanced playability and easy handling is the exact observance of the proportions and scales. Secure tool management and long-standing experience are essential in the White works to give rise to a harmonious instrument in itself. The pure working to build a so-called. "White Violin" is approximately 120 working hours. Also at the final step, the painting, we adhere to the tradition and use only the best natural resins, which are prepared according to traditional recipes.

For what sounds good, should look good. Mastic, copal, propolis, shellac, benzoin, dragon's blood, frankincense, aloe, madder root and many other special resins and colors are dissolved in oil or alcohol, in order to promote the sound characteristics. Only in this way the instrument gets its soft luster and its perfect appearance.

All these components together make up the so important factors for the musician such as ease of play, balance and a large, colorful and warm tone that is equally viable.

guter klang der streichinstumente


If that's not enough, the shows take a look at our workshop, we are able to meet special customer requests. So we consider any time such as special Lion head carvings, 7/8 size, inlaid all kinds, double inserts, fancy paint colors or wood grain. All work is carried out by master craftsmen carefully.

Interested, but also impatient allowed us like to look at work on the shoulder - and a small subsequent tour of our exhibition and workshop rooms and the Lumberyard leaves with you is certainly not only special impressions, but also awakens the understanding that "good work will also have some time. "

A very special high priority we attach at so-called "set of instruments".

For the musician his tools is not just a simple gouge or a buckle planer. For him it's vortex, sound post, bridge, fingerboard with the nut, fine tuners and chin rest.

guter klang der streichinstumente

These components have to be adjusted individually, because only then arises the connection between the musician and his instrument. Not for nothing one calls the pinblock also the "soul of the instrument".

To enable voice and web these important tasks, only careful selected and deposited fine-grained spruce and mirror Maples could be used.

This is the only way to achieve the desired unity between strings and body.

Even when the children instruments from our workshop we are going to work with the same care to make the entry into the music as easy as possible for the young musicians.