Violin making

Violin making does not just mean:

Violin Making

A violin maker out of conviction will never limit himself to just building instruments.

Our firm has always seen its task on a broad scale. Musicans are our partners. It is through them that we have been able to continually refine the quality of our instruments. Working closely with musicans also helps us to keep our repair work exceptional and our restoration work distinguished.

musikzimmer geigen mittenwald Dealing in good used instruments and bows is another rewarding and essential sector of our business. We carry a representative assortment of violins, violas, and cellos in excellent playing condition.

You haven´t found the instrument you´re looking for? Ask us. We´ll be glad to be of service in finding the instrument for your special needs.

Our well-stocked assortment of accessories includes a great variety of old and new violin-, viola- and cello bows.

Rehairing your bow with prime Mongolian horse hair can be done at moderate cost. This material alone is robust enough to ensure good durability and a round, even tone.

Whoever wants to replace the horsehair of his violin bow for vegan motives, we also offer alternatives.

Naturally, we carry a large assortment of cases, from basic to real pieces of art, in all sizes and price ranges. Look for our cello cases of lightweight durability at an attractive price.